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At Cleantastic, we do our job to make YOU and YOUR RESTAURANT look good!

We understand the importance of a clean business and that it’s essential to your restaurant’s success.

We are Leaders in Commercial Cleaning

Cleantastic has over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience and we service more than 5,000 clients worldwide.

Our vast experience in all sectors of commercial cleaning services means you can rely on Cleantastic.

We’ll keep your business immaculate, which for you means increased revenue and productivity.

Cleantastic offers the following commercial cleaning services and related services for Restaurants:

• Carpet Care

• Customized Cleaning Programs

• Waste Removal

• Floor Maintenance

• Dusting Surfaces

• Disinfecting Surfaces

• Pest Control

• Pressure Washing

• Recycling Programs

• Lighting Replacements

• Sanitized Restrooms

• Window Cleaning

We’re ready to consult with you, to plan, conduct, and maintain a cleaning program
that works for YOU and YOUR RESTAURANT!